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Family right

We solve your family matters with understanding and a human approach, providing expert advice on divorces, child custody, adoptions and other issues related to family law.


We offer integral adviser in successions, guiding you at every step of the process to ensure correct estate planning, equitable distribution of assets and efficient management of inheritances and wills.

Boundaries and easements

we solve disputes and conflicts related to boundaries and easements, providing effective legal solutions to protect your property rights and reach fair agreements with neighbors and third parties involved.

Work disabilities and other benefits

We advise you in cases of iwork disabilities and other benefits, providing you with support to obtain the benefits and rights that correspond to you, whether in pension claims, sick leave or any other situation related to the workplace.

Layoffs, professional categories, wage claims

we defend your labor rights with firmness and commitment, offering specialized advice in cases of unjustified dismissals, claims for unpaid wages and professional classification, to guarantee fair compensation and equitable treatment in the workplace.

Farm administration
(Comprehensive management of your Community)

call for together, assistance to them, drafting and sending of minutes.

  • Balance annual general, quarterly information on expenses and income, preparation of annual budget, determination of quotas based on the forecast of expenses.
  • Management charges of receipts from the community, control of payments and monitoring of delinquency with extrajudicial and judicial claim.
  • conservation and maintenance of the building, periodic inspections, claims management, arranging urgent repairs, control of works and any necessary management for the proper functioning of the community facilities.

Administrative procedures

We simplify your procedures and managementnes legal administrative procedures, providing you with expert advice to ensure regulatory compliance and expedite your legal procedures, in order to guarantee efficiency and peace of mind in your administrative matters.

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